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We have first hand experience on how hard it can be to go from wanting to shift your life in a new direction to actually living that life.





Bridging The Gap

We understand how hard it is to overcome the fear of the unknown, deciphering between fact and fiction, getting through the setbacks in life as well as the accountability needed to really push through. Ultimately, we want to help bridge the gap and make the transition a more attainable and enjoyable process so you can live the alternative lifestyle you want to live.

This website is meant to be a platform for those seeking to create a shift in their environment by providing resources, inspiration, advice and personal development tools. We guide those who desire more flexibility in their lifestyles, who aren't afraid to shake things up, put in some honest work and make new commitments to themselves.





We strongly believe in making sure your environment is conducive to your goals, values and beliefs.


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Our Alternative Lifestyle

As we mentioned before we know just how daunting the process of change can be. We live a vastly different life than we did 8 years ago. It’s been a long, slow process to get where we are at today and we are constantly re-evaluating our environmental factors and adapting to be more aligned with our values.

We don’t live dramatically different lives from the general public but the fact is that when compared to others it’s definitely viewed as an alternative lifestyle. To summarize our way of life we focus on eating a nutrient rich diet consisting of whole foods and healthy beverages, minimizing our use of chemicals by using less harmful alternatives and/ or natural products, living balanced lives by minimizing our possessions, limiting time with electronics and focusing on our family. We also try to live a more sustainable life by incorporating an electric car into our work commute, growing a portion of our food, cutting unnecessary expenses, and making things DIY style when we have the resources.


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A leap of faith...

My journey to an alternative lifestyle stemmed from my deteriorating health at the age of 22. I found myself in a BAD situation that left me missing a lot of work and spending days in bed, miserable with no relief, due to chronic pain, inflammation and fatigue. I also experienced muscle, joint and nerve pain which lead me to be "diagnosed" with Fibromyalgia. As you can imagine this was not what I wanted to be doing in my early 20's!

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